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Antony James Adler

401 38th Ave.S.#2 -N.Myrtle Beach SC 29582- 803-361 9076

Career objectives

To take the carpet woven from the warp (pursuit of spirit, music and education) with the weft (marketing, manufacture and trendmongering) of my previous work history and sell it at a fair price. To find an orginization capable of recognizing my talents and grow with them. Relocation to Seattle, Vancouver BC , Bangkok, Mumbai, India preferred.

Previous Work History

Nov.99 Big Swifty and Associates.Com -Took the opportunity afforded by a month's unemployment to create a WWW sight (please see address at page bottom)

96 - 99 Caregiver / Caretaker - Attended to the needs of Alzhiemer's and stroke patients. Volunteered for custodial duties at the Meher Spiritual Center.

92 - 96 Blue Newt Productions - From beach bum to promoter in four easy years. Incremental successes in diversifying the music produced on the "Red Neck Riviera" by focusing on Roots Music. Unintentionally monopolized and furthered the Reggae massive with PutaiParties 92-95 (Purple Gator, Afterdeck, Cowboys, Headroom). Discovered and developed new skills in talent buying, entertainment marketing (including direct promotions essential to Myrtle Beach) and as an in-house music director and d.j. Career terminated with extreme prejudice by Jim Maloney and the House of Blues.

87 - 91 Global Currents / B. Street Home Boyz - Sole designer for fashion forward accessory company. 4 lines per year. Responsible for supervision of international manufacture and marketing. Retail accounts for Global Currents included Barneys, Fred Segal and K-Mart. Independently provided private label design and production for D.K.N.Y., International News, Microsoft, Nasty Mix, and others.

84 - 87 Folk Lore - Subprem All World Primitives - This company served as a personal vehicle for international travel and collecting beautiful objects for four years. A good eye and natural bargaining talents were equal to the challenge presented by vendors in "Chor Bazaars" worldwide. Sales and marketing skills refined by gallery relationships in NY/Seattle. Also provided pieces for Smithsonian travelling exhibition: "Aditi: A Celebration of Folk Art in India."

82 - 84 I & I Wear - Seizing an opportunity in an underrealized marketplace, reigned as "Sunglass King" of the Grand Strand for two lucrative years.

81 - 82 Float to Relax / R.E.S.T. - Fresh out of college, the closest use of my education I could find. Opened and managed the first reduced environmental stimulation tank spa in Seattle. Developed and implemented policies to facilitate and enhance the experience provided by the use of the tanks.

Subjective Life Experience

Created an independent undergraduate major at Pomona College in Transpersonal Psychology/Anthropology. Continuing research is dedicated to Avatar Meher Baba, the One behind the Many, in hope that it might serve in part as the curriculum for the (as yet unrealized) Spiritual Academy proposed in the charter of the Meher Universal Spiritual Center. November of this year saw the birth of a web based linked outline of this material. I intend to generate content as time allows.