the one behind the many: the purporsive evolution/involution of consciousness in the universe

(and how to get the most out of it)

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1)Rough draft,very rough draft: I purchased this little e-machine three months ago and started building this sight three weeks ago.Before that I was completely e-litterate. I think this bodes well for the future of the web.

2)the "One behind the Many" is a primitve web-authored text: rather than providing links organized for reference,the links in this sight are sequentially listed to provide content. It was my intention that this sight tell a story. Clicking through the content in order should provide you with a layered, unfolding, understanding of the nature of consciousness. If you have an agenda of your own, gaining a familiarity with the table of contents,will quickly transform the contents into a valuable reference tool.

3)The Principal of 3 degrees of separation: there is so much crap on the web I can hardly believe it. Regardless of where you start, I believe you are no less than three clicks away from complete and utter bull-pucky. Given the nature of the subject of our inquiry -'consciousness'-the importance of this priciple increases ten-fold. While I hope you will click out into the provided links,please remember the principle of 3 degrees as you surf. If we are to affect a so called "paradigm change" in the study of consciousness, I cannot emphasize enough the need for the highest academic standards.

4)This sight is about books: While being exited about the potential of the web, I am not quite convinced the medium supports the complete absorption of the information presented. Perhaps I am showing my age, and future generations will read from screens with the same absorption/understanding as the printed page. In the mean time, surf to your hearts content, but gather the names of those authors that appeal to you and buy the book. I hope the mini picto-biblio-louge-raphy provided at the end of each chapter is useful to you.

5)Tools/Gizmo's to enhance your experience: God Bless the Web! While I can't over emphasize the importance of book-learnin'- the technological goodies available to everyone (for free no less) never ceases to amaze me.This sight is equipped with Pico-Search. If it does what I hope it does (spider through and index the links),I promise this is one of the best resources on the web for researching consciousness. Through the positive aspect of the principle of 3 degrees of separation, the link provided by your search will eventually get you to the info you are looking for. I have also provided Gooey and Third Voice links to encourage the building of an interactive community around the subject.

6)Content: It's coming. After the initial rush to get this sight up,I plan to relax a bit. But, the process has started. This work has been the unexpressed passion of my life. I believe now, more than ever, that this information is essential to the smooth transition of our species to the next level. Finally the tools have caught up to the task at a price i can afford. The first content to be added will be a compendium of important works I have not been able to find on the web. These quotes/texts will be organized in the same 'One behind the Many' framework, but I believe they will more clearly present the overall thesis I am trying to present to you. Eventualy,I will introduce original content. Which leads me to:

7)Contributing Content: I don't want to get ahead of myself but...if you are one of the sources linked to this sight, I would be honored if you feel you have content you would want to contribute. Everyone else is invited to scour the web in search of links you feel are germain to the story of the 'One behind the Many'and suggest them.