The One behind the Many

-pinelodge library project-

There is no greater passion than learning .Eventually one even needs

to burn the books and turn away from what one has learned to approach

true KNOWLEDGE. We should all get there so soon.

Until that time, books are the gift of knowledge.

For whatever reason ,the knowledge outlined in this web-sight has been berated, dismissed or even suppressed. Perhaps there is ,as Alan Watts suggested, a Taboo surrounding the knowledge of the Self. The Pinelodge library project is an effort to remove the taboo, and spread the wealth of knowledge that is the birth right of us all.

With a few clicks of your mouse you will be able to donate a small library to the school, orginization or church of your choice.

The cost of this library is approximately 6000$

You may choose to donate this library to more than one location. you may choose to aquire this library for yourself or family.While small enough to occupy a single bookcase , it has been carefully selected to contain the collective wisdom of humanity. Besides food to the hungry, or spiritual solace to the suffering,it is the greatest gift one can share.

Using a feature called the Wish List Home Page the donation can be puchased and shipped with a few clicks. The intened gift is to include all, but you may edit or add to the selected library as you see fit.

What a remarkable gesture. On behalf of those who recieve this library, I thank you. For your support of this sight, I thank you.