The One behind the Many

The Purporsive Evolution and Involution of Consciousness in the Universe


Table of contents:

Science and the Evolution of Consciousness

PSYCHOLOGY:SCIENCE OF THE SUBJECTIVE EXPERIENCE...psychology,history of science,consciousness as a problem

EVOLUTION OF SUBJECTIVE MATTER (EXPERIENCE) . . . evolution,neurophysiology,neuroanatomy,ethology

THE HUMAN ANIMAL ...physical anthropology,archeology,human ethology

THE GREAT UNRAVELLED ENCHANTING LOOM KNOT . . . the human neurosciences,cognitive psychology,neurolinguistics

CONSCIOUSNESS:A (r)EALITY CONSTRUCTION...a new working definition of consciousness

REALITY/OBJECTIVE MATTER:A FUNDEMENTAL ASSUMPTION...quantum and relativistic physics,complexity

THE NHR (NORMAL HUMAN REALITY) theory of consciousnes, james through tart

REALITY CONSTRUCTIONS,A REVIEW theories,old problems,microtubules,mind/body

BIMODAL CULTURE AND THE NHR...conscensual restraints,science,culture,cultural anthropology


Spirituality and the Prospect of Accelerated Evolution(Involution)

BIMODAL CULTURE AND THE ALTERNATIVE STATES...william james-godfather of transpersonal psychology

EVOLUTIONARY EMERGENCE OF THE SUPRA-NORMAL...transpersonal anthropology,mythology,shamanism

MYSTICISM:A REALITY CONSTRUCION(capital R)...academic aproaches to mysticism

MEET THE MYSTICS...from zoroastrar to abba rehem

THE PERENIAL PHILOSOPHY...advaita(non-dual)metaphysics

YOGA:THE ROYAL PATH OF'YOU GO'...patanjali's science of manipulating subjective matter

THE ONE BEHIND THE MANY...more "isms" than you can shake a stick at,and they still won't go away

THE PSYCHOLOGY OF MYSTICISM...well,not the strongest of the sciences...but,GODBLESS william james!


Science and Spirituality: the Purporsive Evolution/Involution of Consciouness


BRAINSTORMING...cosmology,new metaphysics, baba/bentov/balken model of the universe vs. hawking/simpson

GOD SPEAKS:THE THEME OF CREATION AND ITS PURPOSE...the evolution/involution of human consciousness

THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN RIGHT AND WRONG...karma yoga and selfless service

HOMO NOETICUS:THE NEW HUMANITY...the selective pressures are certainly strong enough

WHAT THE WORLD NEEDS NOW...pressures,schmessurres,bhakti yoga and the coming big push

NICE TRY,'A'FOR EFFORT...other would-be geniuses give it their best shot




Psychology:the Science of the Subjective Experience definition of consciousness a good place to start and see what the problem is. bookmark the resource for help later.

Online papers on consciousness exhaustive, but certainly not definitive. don't worry if it doesn't mean too much to you yet. that is what this sight is for.

Biology of Consciousness Bookmarks a nice place to start surfing, but I suggest you return to it later.

REALITY CREATION 1010 the first paragraph will do, written in "a van down by the river". anyone can/and should think about consc.: note the title. probably sarah's class notes. informatve if this is new to you. anyone can/should study consciousness.

Science in Historic Perspective

HOPOS not the greatest content, but some resources for the history of science. mugshots of the heavy-hitters.

Empirical Sociology of Science independent entry, but balanced perspective. be sure to click-A Simulation of the Stucture of Academic Science in 'to read'.

Introduction more history of science. actually, intro notes to astronomy (where the scientific revolution began)

Discourse on the Method of Rightly Conducting the Reason and Seeking for Truth in the Sciences he thunk, therefore we(mind and body) am.

A PROPOS OF SCIENCE Quotations and Aphorisms a nice resource. this entry is for brain. cartesian mind/body dualism still well in effect.

Reductionism & its alternatives no mind(per se),just body. I hate these type of lecture note pages ,but this one is succinct and well embedded.

Intelligence evolution & uses. Behavior-REM-consciousness....thoughts on consciousness from a reductionist(sociobiological)perspective. mass suicide anyone?

Psychology:the infant Science

Mind and Body pity poor psychology-first it lost its soul, then its mind,then consciouness and now its having problems with behavior.Descartes to James

William James go willy,go willy...beautiful sight for the "father of american psychology"

Classics in the History of Psychology -- James (1892) Chapter 11 james on the'stream of cosciousness', not particularly helpful, reminder- anyone can/should....

Classics in the History of Psychology -- Author Index good resource. I recomend Lashley on Behavioristic Interpretations of Consciousness

Personality and Consciousness Bookstore - psychology books relating to the theories of Jung, Maslow, Freud, and others commercial sight,but good

Science and Religion Glossary not particularly germain, good list of subjects to be aware of though, besides I loves glossaries.

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy Table of Contents (Abridged) the first and last reference to philosophy in these links. outstanding resource.

Jung Index nothing against carl, in fact, I really appreciate the ol' hoot. just thought he'd like to peek in about now. see if you can.

Thomas Kuhn Paradigms Die Hard very important observation for our investigation of science, psychology and specificly consciousness.

Thomas Kuhn more about the man and his impotant observations.

A Renewed Interest in a Science of Consciousness

Theories of mini book store for the currently hip books on consciousness. chalmers,dennett,searle,penrose.

Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness home of the assoc. on and off-line seminars.journals.

CS Consciousness Studies home of tuscon center for consciousness studies.

Journal of Consciousness Studies journal from tuscon.

Consciousness good outline of the many perspectives,past and present, on our subjective matter.

SCIENCE'S LAST FRONTIERS Consciousness, Life and Meaning good essay from 'thinking about thought' page. good place to start.

New Scientist Planet Science Toward a science of consciousness new scientist magazine report on Tuscon II, bookmark as a resource on all things newsy.

Crick and Koch essay on the work of crick starting with james. fair warning on the link however, we're talking one degree of separation here.

Consciousness and Neuroscience the actual article from crick and koch.

Part 1 Consciousness and Qualia [929] article from chalmers

Part 6 Consciousness in Science [1370] chalmers...don't know where parts 2-5 went.

bibliography a good bibliography from barr.


The Third Culture - Contents brockman's book. great contributers. click to introduction,good essay. and click to 'the edge' a great e-magazine.

The Evolution of Subjective Matter (experience)

Evolutionary Fit and Flexability

Evolution Topic Index good set of links embedded in an interesting sight, bookmark for ref. in neuro,cosmology,etc.

Evolution Links links . all of darwin's original works on line and more.

Evolution Title Page a little cartoonage as a diversion or an introduction links.also good contenet on ethology

Evolutionary Theory Web Site requires membership ,but perhaps worth your time

The Biology & Evolution Jump Station - Oh Evolve! did you need more links?

The Evolution Revolution introductory,but snappy. 1st entery from thinkquest, a learning consortium.

Interview with Stephen Jay Gould just an interveiw, I find the more productive a thinker is ,the slighter the web presence. buy the books. our best essayist.

Punctuated Equilibrium more on the theory.

Harvard Dept of MCB - Biology Links his domain.

Scientific American Explorations Life Goes for a Spin 8-25-97 cambrian explosion. a wonderful example of scientific myopia.

Cambrian Explosion more again.

Introduction to Phylogeny trree of life stuff.

Artificial Life ? Yeah,right.

Evolution and philosophy getting a bit ahead of ourselves here: if choas theory is new to you, jump to "reality:a fundemental... " for intro.

The biochemical basis of life see, the problem is/was a scientific understanding of life. when a new tool comes around everyone jumps right in

What are Complex Adaptive Systems (Moshe Sipper) and it(complexity theory) is useful. note the concept of emergent properties.

mathematical biology but one can lose sight quickly. ...and the brain is just a computer.yeah,right.

Scientific Methodology and Demystifying Emergence hey, I got nothing against this notion of emergence.

Complex Adaptive Systems and Artificial Life but I sure would't let this shit grow on my computer.

The Mind, The Brain, and Complex Adaptive Systems as applied to consciousness. more of this later.

Theory of Complex Adaptive Systems see? I'm not the only one who doesn't think its such a great idea.

Neurons:the Building Blocks of Brains basic neurophisiology. know this and its done. the"on/off"switch. relays and shades of "on/off". o.k.? then take a little quiz.

lecturebio1-1control building brains , also a little/lot of hormonal influence over those simple circuits. the 3 lb. gland?

NASA Neurolab Web Spotlight on Neuroscience intoductory ,but snappy.

Nobel Prize - Neuroscience a chronology of the players and discoveries that make up neuroscience.

Developmental Biology Center Dr. Hans Bode hydra: the simplest of learning systems. external representation?

Paleoneurology The study of brain endocasts of extinct vertebrates from nets to brains.

Comparative Mammalian Brain Collections getting bigger all the time.

AMNH Dino News more little brains.

AMNH Dino News american museum of natural history, just a neat link.

brain development summary a good summary right when we needed it.

Ethology:Brains and Behavior/Fit and Flexability

Evolution and Ethology at last look a down link. I hope it's back up. because it was a good example of.....(see next)

Ethology Lecture somebody's been cheating.

Ethology animal behavior & minds; survival; insects; apes.........remember that really depressing psychobiology sight, well it works fine for little brains.

iSociobiology As An Adaptationist Program-i R.C. Lewontin's Critique but a refutation is in order.


The World of Richard Dawkins in an intellectual vaccum weak memes flourish.

ETHOLOGY AND EVOLUTION ON THE WEB back to the science at hand.

0f Nature's Holism, Evolution & Ecology (Ecotaoism) and here is a wonderful, important alternative. see poper for important contribution.

Animal Consciousness

Animal Consciousness from the stanford philosophy sight.

Scientific American Presents Feature Article Animal Self-Awareness -- A Debate November 1998 as scientific american sees it. bookmark.

New Scientist on consciousness I buzz therefore I think new scientist gives it a whirl.

Naturalism, Evolution and Mind Abstracts abstacts is a good thing. quite a jump,but lets look at our closest animal relatives before we move on.

Primate Gallery for more on our furry cousins.

The Human Animal

Hu are You ? and where did you come from ?

WWW Virtual Library Anthropology I think this is our 1st use of the virtual library. invaluable. bookmark for use on other subjects.

Handprint Ancestral Lines the first of many fine links on human origins. have fun . I hope you find what you're looking for. remember-50% of what I learned as an

under gaduate has been relegated to the pile of antiquated thought. I'm sure this will happen again. I just wish someone had warned me the way I'm warning you.

Hominid Evolution

Human Evolution-UCSB

Origins of Humankind- Research Center

Chapter 22 Hominids

D. Formenti's links ANTHROPOLOGY (text version)

The Biological Anthropology Forum

L.S.B. Leakey Foundation, Research Related to Human Origins

Co-evolution of neocortex size, group size and language in humans

Institute of Human Origins

Bomis The Evolution Ring


CyberMuseum Early Human Links

Human Origins Bookmarks

Fossil Evidence for Human Evolution in China

Peter Brown's Australian and Asian Palaeoanthropology

Untitled Document



Leakey Ancestors - Ants Inc.

Anthropology Newsletters

Anthropology in the News this sight is updated constantly and is the place for the latest scoop. great job!

Point of Reference - Main Menu

Archaeology on the Net Web Ring Home Page

The Paleo Ring Home Page

Anthropology Human Origins website

Anthropology Internet Page


Prehistoric Cultures, University of Minnesota, Duluth

The Dung File - Part 1 Mostly Human

NOVA Online Ice Mummies

Outline Table of Contents

Three Dimensional Medical Reconstruction


Welcome to Language Origins Society


William H. Calvin's Books and Articles good ol' productive william. good web sight. better books. buy 'em, read 'em.

The Great Unravelled Enchanting Loom Knot

The loom

Brain Facts and Figures nifty starter page. remember this is the thing between your ears that has brought us to this inquiry. everyone can/should ......

Brain Model Tutorial

Your Page

Splash Page

The Whole Brain Atlas

The Harvard Brain

On The Brain

Virtual Hospital The Human Brain

Research Index of Knowledge

The Neuro Ring Home Page


glossary of psychiatric terminology

Replicability of cognitive brain imaging.

Fifth International Conference on Functional Mapping of the Human Brain

HBP Web Server Sites

P E T Brain Atlas


Neuroscience Links

BUBL LINK - 515 Internet Resources Consciousness

The World-Wide Web Virtual Library Neuroscience (Biosciences)

Citation Matcher for Single Articles

MGH-Harvard Other Information of Neurosurgical Interest

University of Chicago Magnetic Resonance Imaging - Neuroscience Images

Neurology WWW Sites

Neurosciences information. News,meetings,jobs,products

Cog & Psy Sci Journals & Magazines

The Knot

Split Brain Consciousness

NASA Neurolab Web Mission Home Page

Language and the Brain

Brain and Language

Lateralization and Language

Mike Rafii's Home Page

TI Mental rotation and the right hemisphere


Imagination, Mental Imagery, Consciousness, Cognition Science, Philosophy & History.

Synaesthesia and Consciousness Studies

Synesthesia Phenomenology And Neuropsychology

Time and the observer The where and when of consciousness in the brain

The basic emotions of daily life - 1

Classics in the History of Psychology -- James (1884)

Autonomic Nervous System Documents

Chapter 14 Autonomic Nervous System

The Peripheral Nervous System


Consciousness and the Brain


Brain & Mind Magazine - Index

FEED The New Brain Brain Candy

Brain & Behavior

BBS Index

Journal of Psychophysiology An International Journal



Objective Reality: A Fundemental Assumption

Quantum Reality

Elementary Particles

New Scientist Planet Science New Scientist's guide to the Quantum World

Theory SLAC Virtual Visitor Center

Brief Overview of High-Energy Physics


OnScreen Particle Physics Demo

Heisenberg's Physics and Philosophy

The Particle Zoo

H is for h-bar

Richard Feynman Online!

Paul Teller, An Interpretive Introduction to Quantum Field Theory


PHY101 Foundations of Physics - A Complete Web-based Course - Spring 1999

Relativistic Reality

Usenet Relativity FAQ

RELATIVITY bookmarks

Albert Einstein Online

BUBL LINK - 515 Internet Resources Relativity

David Bohm

The EPR Paradox and Bell's Inequality Principle

Bell's Theorem

Holism and Nonseparability in Physics

Physics News Update, Number 399

Quantum cosmology, M-theory and the anthropic principle

Professor Stephen Hawking's Homepage

Stringy Reality

Superstrings! String Theory Home Page

Dr. Michio Kaku, Prof. of Theoretical Physics

M-theory, the theory formerly known as Strings

Quantum links

Quantum Consciousness

Quantum Quackers

Science, culture and philosophy links


Hololographic Consciousnes

Holography, Holograms and Lasers

Holographic Universe

Global Strategies Project Wholeness and Implicate Order

Complexity/Chaotic consciousness

Complexity Timeline

Henri Poincare


Mandelbrot page of Zs.Zsoldos

Complexity On-Line Frequently Asked Questions

The Fractory An Interactive Tool for Creating and Exploring Fractals


Dynamical Psychology, Table of Contents

Vince's Complex Systems and Evolution Page


Consciousness:A(r)eality Construction

Cognitive Consciousness

A New Multi-Disciplinary Subject


Journal -Consciousness

New Scientist on consciousness All in the mind

Consciousness and the Brain

Brain & Mind Magazine - Index

Noetica A Cognitive Science Forum

PSYCHE An Interdisciplinary Journal of Research on Consciousness


Consciousness and the Brain

Online papers on consciousness

Biology of Consciousness Bookmarks



Tufts University Center for Cognitive Studies main page

Consciousness and Neuroscience

Crick's treatment of consciousness

Brain & Behavior

The harvard Brain Archives

1 May 1994

Professor Ned Block

Edelman Review

Gerald Edelman

Consciousness dethroned

Quantum Consciousness

Rogers Penrose and Quantum Consciousness

Official home site for SRPS

Enchanted Mind - The Biology of Creative Mind

microtubules, coherence, consciousness

Stuart Hameroff's Home Page

Osaka paper

Homepage of Matti Pitkšnen

Fractal Consciousness



Neural Networks

Fractal Neurodyamics and Quantum Chaos-1

Holographic Consciousness

Comparison between Karl Pribram's Holographic Brain Theory and ore conventional models of neuronal computation

Karl H. Pribram Holonomic Brain Theory and Motor Gestalts

The NHR(Normal Human Reality)

Complete Works

A Cognitive Theory of Consciousness - Table of Contents

States of Consciousness

SCIENCE'S LAST FRONTIERS Consciousness, Life and Meaning

More Resources

Bimodal Culture and the NHR

Defining Culture

A Definition of Culture

Learning commons - What is Culture - Baseline Definition

Chronicles of Love & Resentment CLXXXIV


Psychology, Culture, and Evolution

Complex Adaptive Systems, Evolutionism, and Ecology within Anthropology

FEED Banking on Jesus


The Origin and Evolution of Culture and Creativity

Reviews Darwin's Dangerous Idea by Daniel Dennett




A theory merging biological evolution and cultural evolution founded on human female sexual selection and neoteny.

The Emergence of Culture

Past Human and Cultural Development

ArchNet - Table of Contents

Discovering Archaeology

Introduction to Archaeology (ANTH 110-310)

Point of Reference - Main Menu

Signs of Consciousness

CMCC - Palaeolithic Figurines (introduction)

The Chauvet-Pont-d'Arc Cave

The paleolithic painted cave of Lascaux

Stone Pages - A guide to European megaliths

The Center for Archaeoastronomy


The Ancient World Web

Internet African History Sourcebook



World Cultures

Internet Ancient History Sourcebook Mesopotamia

Indus Valley Contents

Culture and the Accelerated Evolution of Human Consciousness

Mental Health Net - Perspectives Interdisciplinary Consciousness Studies

Tutorial Introduction

Global Consciousness Change Indicators of an Emerging Paradigm


Awakening Earth Home Page

The Hunger Site Home - Donate Food for Free to Give to Feed Hungry People in the World


Bimodal Culture and the Alternative States

Alternatve Consciousness: the other problem

William James here we go again. let's start with papa. this time we're after the other states of consciousness. and no account of the universe would be....

William James The Varieties of Religious Experience on line version of the book. think "origin of the species". think bigger.

Concordances of James, William enter 'mystcal' and 'consciousness', read 'em especially #7. 100 years later what do we know?

William James essay james' own experience of an altered state. if it seems silly, reread Varieties,conduct your own experiment.

Biological Consciousness and the Experience of the Transcendent nice title and the attitude we will be taking for the rest of our inquiry.

Maslow Nidus another pioneer . studied healthy people (a novel approach at the time) made some basic observations.

Religions, Values, and Peak Experiences basic observations a classic make. on line edition.

Transpersonal Psyhcology: the illigitimate infant science

Working Definition of Transpersonal Psychology post james,post maslow, post 60's a new view and paradigm problems began to emerge.

Dr. Charles T. Tart Home Page and Virtual Library charlie keeps a nice sight.

Institute of Transpersonal Psychology this is it . it ain't much. but it's all we got . are you getting the impresswion somethings funky here?

Transpersonal Psychology - Psychology WWW VL more resources. also remember we are down to 2 degrees of seperation from here on out.

transpersonal psychology andrew's perspective,whoever andrew is. very important reminder at this point everyone can/should be studying consciousness


Arthur Deikman on Mystic Experience coined the expression "bimodal cosciousnes". active/receptive.still out there somewhere.god blessya'art.

JCS-ONLINE paper by deikman presented to tuscon

MAM Vol. 1 No. 3 Carlton F. Perk Clark transpersonalists get no respect!

Alternative States of Consciousness: who,where,how and why of coninued interest

Albet Hoffman foundation web sight of the inventor of lsd-25

My Problem Child-on line the entire work on line. good read.

Aldous Huxley - Biography - Soma Web one of the old fart pioneers

The Doors of Perception his experiment

ADVENTURE OF SELF-DISCOVERY, THE- Grof the science gets better, the respect plumets

Towards A New World View Interview with Dr. Stan Grof, MD

Books About Hologrof

John C. Lilly Homepage my personal favorite of the inner-nauts. as much as I love/repect him, perhaps most important as an example that drugs'll make ya wacky.

MAPS index the academic interest does not wane.

Council on Spiritual Practices

The Psychedelic Library

the Lycaeum

The Erowid Spirit Vaults

Alternative States in Other Cultures: Transpersonal Anthropology

The C.G. Jung Page not all transpersonalists came exclusicely from the altered states school of thought.

Explore Anthropology, Archeology, Mythology, Psychology, Religion and Culture you can link way out from here, so please remember the 2degrees concept

INTRODUCTION,eliade very important scholar/anthropologist .not without contraversy.refined the method of accepting cultures on their own terms.

Mircea Eliade

Mircea Eliade-biography etc.

Mircea Eliade International Literary Society

Mircea Eliade-projected volume edited by Bryan Rennie

CG Library - Joseph Campbell - Chronology finally, gentle joe. campbell's focus is myth not cosciousness.the distinction is important still useful.

Welcome to the Joseph Campbell Foundation Online the on line content for campbell is weak. read the books.

Joseph Campbell - The Masks of God

Evolutionary Emergence of the Supra-Normal

Anthropology of Alternative States

Anthropology of Consciousness retooling ourselves for an investigation of the alternative states

TP Anthro, Then and Now, Part 1

Transpersonal Anthropology Methodological Issues, Part 1

The Sorcerer, Les Trois Freres twenty five thousand years of altering consciousness.

Shamanism: Archaic Technique of Ecstacy

What is Shamanism (Eliade)

All Life.htm

Bibliographic Database on Shamanism

Erowid Spirit Vaults Shamanism FAQ

Shamanic Dimensions. A Site of Traditional Shamanism and Transformation.


Shamanism The Psychic Descent

Shamanism-General Overview-Shamanic Ecstasy


Reindeer in the Nenets Worldview

R. Gordon Wasson Archives

Erowid Psychoactive Amanitas Vault

Siberian Shamanism


The Red Book of the Peoples of the Russian Empire



About Us the psychomental complex endures into the new world. huichole shaman refer to peyote as brother deer.

Shamanism Study links links to shamanism in other cultures.


The Use of Psychotropic Mushrooms Among the Mazatec Indians


Mysticism:A Reality Construction(capital"r")

Mysticism: the most abused word in the enlish language outside of consciousness mysticism pretty good definition. so why is it scientific inquiry all reeks of 3a.? william james is not yet at rest,and our account of the universe...

Encyclopśdia Britannica article page

Concordances of James, William try 'mystical' and 'consciousness' again if you didn't the fist time. better yet,read the damned thing!

MYSTICISM - MYSTICISM now, ol' evelyn got her props, but it contributed nothing to the furthering of scientific inquiry.

Stace, Walter Terence his little book "teachings of the mystics" was invaluable to me .no longer in print.

Ornstein's The Psychology of Consciousness (synopsis) notes from a dead-head , in the scheme of things more valuable than dennett anyday.

AAR Mysticism Group what the academic investigation of mysticism looks like today. outside of the transpersonalists, the only sight I know of.

Mysticism Resources go ahead if you want, but I'll get you there I promise. and hopefully better prepared to digest what you find.

Meet the Mystics

Who's Who in the History of Mysticism underhill was good to western mystics. easy for judeo-christian acadime to swallow.

Ramakrishna simple, loving ,perfect.

Ramakrishna-Vivekananda Center of New York guru-disciple relationship. in this case the disciple didn't get the full flower.

Itihaas Modern Chronology -- Swami Vivekanand maybe not the full flower but the fragerance is exquisite.

Vivekananda Foundation The Portals Vivekananda Lecture Summaries

Meher Baba, Avatar of the Age - I have come to give a new understanding of spirtual value and truth to everyone went looking for a guru and found......

Meher Baba Information

Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!

Perfect Masters even God gets a guru, meher baba recognized these five as the masters of his age.

Perfect Mastersit gets better

Shri Sai Baba - Shirdi Home Page

Shirdi Sai Baba Homepage

Paul Brunton of historical note- his 'in search of secret india' uncovered some secrets. as a warning-he later claimed to be a guru himself.

The Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi Website - Home page

Sri Aurobindo Ghose - Instrument of the Supramental

Osho Timeless Topics it was so easy to find an avatar I thought I could find a couple of perfect masters

Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (Osho)'s sannyasins criticism later realized my folly

Siddha Yoga meditation Siddha Yoga meditation master Swami Muktananda the second choice.

Traumatic Abuse in Cults An Exploration I feel bad for citing this but.....

HumDrum Guru Ratings Main Page subsequently I have learned it is not my place to judge saints and gurus. Sarlo is up for the job! irreverent, I love this guy.

Gurus-good,bad and bogus less exhaustive than sarlo, but I like kheper's style.

The Perenial Philosophy:Vedantic Metaphysics

A Cyber-take on old Truths

The Vedanta Philosophy more wisdom in these lectures than in all the cyber-wisdom that folows. it's best to stick to the best.

Guide to Ultimate Reality but then again, it's hard to mess with the truth (I take that back, think of all the "new-age" crap I'm trying to keep you away from)

Reflections on the Absolute

Nature of Reality

The Unmanifest Absolute

That All-Seeing Heart

HomeThe IntroThe '

Vedanta in the cyber space age

Vedanta Society of Southern California -- Homepage

Raja-Yoga:the Royal Path of "you go"

The Four Yogas

Eliade and Patanjali

Raja Meditation, The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

Patanjali, Yoga Sutras of Patanjali in International Languages



Sivananda Yoga - 8 Limbs of Yoga


Yoga Anand Ashram

YREC - Yoga Research and Education Center

Sanskrit Mantras and Spiritual Power

TM Mantras - Save Your Dollars

ICR - Definition of Kundalini

India - Mysticism - Kundalini Syndrome

characterizing woodroffe

The Chakras


The Chakras - an incomplete bibliography

The Path of Kundalini Maha Yoga

Kundalini Gateway Cybrary Book List

Kundalini Resource Center Articles About Kundalini Awakening

The One behind the Many

Resources:if you simply can't wait,or,return to them as needed

Mysticism in World Religions


Eastern Mysticism

Encyclopaedia of the Orient

Internet Sacred Text Archive


Mysticism in the Hindu World

Itihaas The History of India

From Mircea Eliade, History of Religious Ideas

The Aryan Problem

The Rig Veda - Selections thereof with Vedic History Resources


Essentials of the Upanishads

Upanishads The Books of Knowledge

The Advaita Ved‚nta Home Page


Sacred Books and Scriptures of India

Sanskrit Documents List

The Avatars


Welcome To Raamcharitmaanas

The Bhagavad-Gita

The Bhagvat Gita

The Gita - Bhagavad Gita An Interactive Presentation

Topics for Seekers

Devotional Picture Index

Divine Love Mission Bhakti Shatak (Hundred Gems of Divine Love)

Seeking the Kingdom of God

Tantrik Home Page

Main Index Kundalini_ tripod

Backstreet's Zone Webring

The Hindu Universe Hindu Resource Center

Itihaas Medieval Saints and Singers -

Biographies,indian saints

Tukaram Home Page

Kabir Poems

Autobiography of a Yogi, by Paramhansa Yogananda, the complete online edition

The Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother

Upadesha Saram Ramana


Jain Dharma

Jainism Jain Principles, History, Resources, History

Welcome to Jainworld


Su Tzu's Chinese Philosophy Page

Taoism - Tao Te Ching Translations

Taoism and the Philosophy of Tai Chi Chuan

Taoism Information Page


An Overview of Buddhism

Essentials of Buddhism

Resources for the Study of Buddhism

Sparsabhumi - Buddhist and Indological Studies

vipassana com - a buddhist meditation resource in the theravada tradition

Teaching of Insight Meditation

The Vipassana Page

The Meaning of Sunyata

BuddhaNet Buddhist Information Network - Gateway to Buddhism.

Buddhist Studies WWW VL

Electronic Bodhidharma WWW site overview

Dharma Ring Home Page

Frame Page

The Heart Sutra

Bodhidharma, The First Patriarch of Chinese Zen Lineage

Friends of Buddhism

The Seventh World of Chan Buddhism

The lineage of zen masters

ANCESTORS MAPShort Biography and Teachings of Some Ancient Zen Masters

Zen Meditation

Zen Buddhism in Chicago

Zen Resources

Zen Web Ring

Primary Zen Texts

Tantra visions

Milarepa, Yogi of Tibet - Buddhist Saint

The Magic Life of Milarepa


About Zarathushtra

Zarathushtra’s Message for Humanity

Zoroastrian Religion

Zoroastrianism Ancient Persian-Iranian Religion

An Introduction to the Gathas of Zarathushtra

Judaism and Kabbalah

Sumerian Mythology FAQ

Study of Judaism and Christianity

The 13 Principles and the Resurrection of the Dead

Table of Contents (Scrolls From the Dead Sea)


Kabbalah and Jewish Mysticism

Index to Kabbalah, Mysticism, and Messianism Reading List

Mysticism Explained and Defined

Christian Gnosticism and Mystics

The Ecole Initiative Index Page

The Gnosis Archive

The Gospel Of Thomas Homepage


Christian Mysticism

Who's Who in the History of Mysticism

Basilica of St.Francis - The relics of St. Francis


Ascent of Mount Carmel Notes from the Compilers

St. Teresa of Avila

Meister Eckhart Home Page

Sufism the Mystical Dimension of Islam

Saeed's Page on Quran Audio

The Holy Quran

About Islam and Muslims

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in conclusion...more synchrenistic resouces

Knowledge of Reality Magazine

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Consciousness Unlimited Dr. Amy Mindell and Dr. Arnold Mindell

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Charles T. Tart Transpersonal Realities or Neurophysiological Illusions Toward an Empirically Testable Dualism - 1978 - American Psychological Association


Buddhist Meditation And Science

EEG Psychophysiology Lab, Transcendental Meditation

Institute for the Scientific Study of Meditation

EEG Biofeedback as an Adjunct to Psychotherapy with Borderline and Narcissistic Patients

Meditation and the Brain

thin line between heaven and hell

Schizophrenia and Mysticism (Bibliographic Essay)

Schizophrenia, Psychiatry and Mysticism

CSP - 'Mysticism Sacred and Profane' by R.C. Zaehner

The Private Sea - Chapter 1

God In A Pill

Science and Spirituality:

The Purporsive Evolution/Involution of Consciousness in the Universe

Transcending the Religion/Science Dichotomy

or....Dear Mr. Templeton,

Meta List on Science and Religion a dialouge's got to start somewhere...

AAAS Dialogue on Science, Ethics, and Religion concerned more about ethical issues in science.

counterbalance more of a theology and science sight, but well orginized

Science and Spirit Resources well, the resources are kinda thin.

Synchronicity II with a sense of humor no less...'the edible brain'...sounds nourishing.

PCC - Philosophy, Cosmology & Consciousness california institue of integral studies.

Project Mind Foundation I dunno, if it floats your boat....

General Theory of Religion Homepage an independant attempt might look something like this.

Science Without Bounds @ I simply have not had time to download this work. highly recomended. Mr. Templeton, my nomination.

John Templeton Foundation somebody please nominate me. the money sure would help. I wouldn't have to D.J at strip clubs to pay my rent anymore.


QUANTUM-D mkafatos_3-15-96 o.k. we're adjusting our standards here, and braodening our scope. anything goes, if it helps solve the big questions.

Posted to quantum-d... and we're not the only ones.

The Ever Expanding Universe in Modern Cosmology, some basic concepts of a big expanding bang.

Cosmology and Culture from primack, cosmology is a spiritual pursuit.

Study group in General Relativity and Cosmology valuable, if you really know this stuff

Walter Russell 'Physics' Homepageand if you don't . the perfect example of the concept: everyone can/should think about the universe. great anime .

Cosmology (M16) college lectures.

Cosmology and Astrophysics more lectures.

PH 105 (Duke Astrophysics) Course Links links to above subject matter.

Thinkquest Entry 20632 - Main Page nice resource for new developments in physics.

Theory of Everything deeper resource.

The Second Superstring Revolution review of t.o.e.

Pre-Quarks, Zero Mass Black Holes, Vector Energy and Rings frontier stuff. boldly go-

PHYS146 Notes Index

Professor Stephen Hawking's Homepage

12-Dimensional Theory of Everything (fwd)

John Templeton Foundation

Black Holes, White Holes, Worm Holes, Wormholes, Singularity, Einstein, Hubble, Space-Time Distortion

A Qualitative Analysis of Black Holes Introduction

Falling to the Singularity of the Black Hole

Official home site for SRPS

Arthur M. Young

Constancy of the Velocity of Light

Dr. Michio Kaku, Prof. of Theoretical Physics

Michio Kaku, Articles

Tony's Home sorry, my physics aren't up to determing if this stuff is for real or not.

The Universe as a Hologram throw in a touch of holography.

Synchronicity and the Enfolded a good place for alternative stuff.sheldrake, scafarti, bohm, beware the "zero-point " physics.

R. Buckminster Fuller's Synergetics closest I will ever come to introducing any 'sacred geometry'-bucky is the man.

The God of Abraham A Mathematician's View o.k. one more.... this one is for itzhak.

Is the big bang a black hole

Basic Tenets of the One Paradigm

Shulman Unified Field Theory Summarized don't let stuff like this ruin your sense of integrity. take it with a tspn. of salt.

Unified Reality Theory this one too. hey ! you spend this much time on something.

Guide to Ultimate Reality

of Quasars & Quanta Introduction

Metaphysics, Metamath {No Frames}

Alternative Cosmology remember the filters are off now .host sight of a lot of crap, but there well may be the seeds of something great somewhere in here.

Omega Point Sub-Page

The Anthropic Principle throw in a dash of the anthropic principle because its right even if it can't be proved wrong.

A Theory of Everything Virtual Chaos o.k. so its crap, but the filters of academic correctness are off now, and we are looking anywhere for inspiration

Consciousness just a poem,not a very good poem at that,but take a small break and remember it.

Is the Universe like a Klein Bottle no,its more like a mobius jelly filled donut .more about that later...

Mathematics in John Robinson's Sculptures - Torus Knots

Singularity Knot Animations cool.

Superstrings, Cosmology, CS and Topology

About the Hypersphere of course it's not as brilliant as the Baba/Bentov/Balken model,but topologically interesting nonetheless.

atman project do you realize that this is nothing but 100% pure garble-d-gook. but if it inspires, I got nothing against using it.

Find Singularity Utility I was hopin' this was a computer application for drawing' the one behind the many', shows what I know.

God Speaks:The Theme of Creation and its Purpose

Homo-Noeticus:the New Humanity

The Difference between Right and Wrong

What the World Needs Now



Nice Try:'A' for Effort

Dr. Matrix' Web World of Science nothing special-but a very well designed "mr. science "type page.

Complexity and Artificial Life-Alife Research, information and links just your basic complexity solves everything type sight.

EVERYTHING = CIRCLE = PERFECT =INFINITE I love this kid. somebody help him.

A Psychophysical Theory of Everything Consciousness Beyond Complementarity didn't take the time to investigate. someone else do it and let me know.

The Genesis of Eden wacky, but well informed sight.encyclopedic.lots to get lost in here.

MkzdK 4.5 Site Log content so-so ,one of the best web designs i've seen.

Gaia Nation i'm just a little wary of all things gaia right now, otherwise this would have been in the main body

Maitreya World no,not that maitreya.

Ahmed Baki Home Page sufism and science. no dichotomy to transcend here.

Science, Knowledge, and Sufism yet another sufi/science sight.

Introduction To Headlessness I dunno. you decide. but kind of neat 'experiments'

U.G.Krishnamurti the other Krishnamurti, victim of the 'calamity', not a guru in the traditional sense.....thank goodness.

What is Spirituality Dr. Jihad! mostly a commercial sight for cool shockwave graphics ,but I like the cyber-jihad content.

Cosmosofy don't ya just love a guy out to save the world?...'cosmicification'-to confuse things needlessly.

The Unification of Science and Spirit -- Table of Contents another attempt at what needs to be done.

Laws of Wisdom and you thought lawyers were the spawn of beelzabub.

The Kairos rich mormon cyber/punk/millionare meets entity ,tries desperately to help/understand. hey, brother can you spare a dime?

Merovence not the be-all and end-all of web sights,but you gotta admire the depth of sincere perception ,and a dead head too.

Re Approaching the Theory of Everything The Paradox of Knowledge again, you gotta love this kid


THE HALCYON COSMOPOLITAN ENTERTAINMENT Halcyon knows education and entertainment. the original rabbit hole for web-surfers.

Kheper - metamorphosis and evolution one of the inspirations for this sight. thanks dung beetle, whoever you are.FREE PORN !

Home of David Ulansey just daves links, but better than most others.

Editor's Choice Surfing the Waves of the Future advaita (think poonaji) oreinted links,also a link to a nice portal to open directory- all the crap tthat's fit to link. everything i've tried so hard to protect you from, all in one sight. this way madness lies.